Do We Have Live 40th Reunion?

To the Greatest Class in LA History,

First and foremost, we hope that you and your families are safe and well during these extraordinary times.   

We are close to a decision point on the following:

  •  Moving forward as originally planned, having our live 40th Reunion over Homecoming Weekend
  •  Postponing altogether and planning for 2021 instead
  •  Do something creative with a possible virtual class event later in the year

Please take 5 minutes to answer the survey questions below - we'd love to hear from you!  We will announcement our decision on or about the 4th of July weekend at our FB site here:

80 Rules!

Your Grateful 40th Reunion Team

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1)   * Do we go forward with our live 40th Reunion over Homecoming weekend Sep 25th - 27th and rock the night away as originally planned?

Yes No
2)   * If you answered "YES" to question #1, HOW COMFORTABLE would you be in proximity to your classmates during the festivities with social distancing guidelines in place?

  Comfortable - lets dance!
  Uncomfortable - I'll keep my mask on, but will enjoy myself
  Really Uncomfortable - Social distancing is a must!
  Get your kooties away from me!
  What part of "NO" don't you understand???
3)   * If you said "NO" to attending our 40th live event, help us understand if you would be open to the following:

  Celebrating "live" 2021
  Celebrating "virtually" in 2020
  Celebrating both “virtually” in 2020 and “live" in 2021
4)   Last question: We are always receptive to our talented creatives and strong voices we have in this class. If there are any additional insights, innovative ideas or inspiring stories you would like to share, please do so here: